The Blacktown and Mount Druitt government hospitals and the “sixty four dollar question”

Further to our previous post, it still haunts us that, in the Coronial Enquiry into his baby’s death, Mr Amone testified that, as his baby was coming, he went to the door of the delivery room and shouted out for help – and none came, and the baby died. 

To see if it might be any different with the Blacktown and Mount Druitt Government Hospitals, on 28 Feb. 2021, this was sent to them using their email form – we couldn’t find an ordinary email address anywhere on their website.

A prompt reply was received from a Laura – which we mislaid, we don’t know how – so we sent it again and got this second response from Laura.

This is the correspondence that followed..

This was sent on Wed. 3 Mar. 2021 @ 9.28 am and we are awaiting a response – so we haven’t advanced at all have we? We got everything else except an answer to our question.

As we keep saying, modern technology has made finding out what organisations like the NSW government hospitals and the people in them are like – just send them emails. It’s then a matter for us, the people, and our leaders like Premier Berejiklian and Minister Hazzard to decide what to do about what’s found out.

A 10 Mar. 21 update: Nothing further received.

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