Dealing with New South Wales’ Government Hospitals of NSW

This blog aims to be the sort of blog Premier Berejiklian should have set up years ago – after all she’s been the head of our government for more than four years now. (When we say this, of course, in one sense it’s silly – about which, more later.)

We believe there should be a single ordinary email address that the people of New South Wales can use to get in touch with people who can provide help in dealing with any of the states’ government hospitals. But how is it at present?

Back in November, 2019, it was widely reported in the media that a 21 month old girl who’d been in a car that was involved in an accident had been sent home from the Wyong Government Hospital with a broken neck!!! and we’d been wondering whether appropriate action had been taken about this, if any. We would have thought it would have been quite easy to get the hospital’s CEO’s take on this. But having searched, unsuccessfully, for any way of contacting him or her, we decided to seek the help of the Ministry for Health, sending them this email.

This is what we got back:-

So the Ministry of Health didn’t know how to contact the hospital’s CEO either!!!.

We can’t remember if we followed this up in any way back then, so, today, on 28 Feb. 2021 the email address they’d provided us with was used to send this email.

(We’ve no idea why, when we did this, the lines were put into what we’d written, as shown – it was certainly none of our doing.)

We’ll let you know if there are any developments.

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